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  • Usingit Prototype  v.3.7.2Usingit Prototype provides an effective way to make rapid prototypes of Web Apps, Webpages, applications and anything you want to show on your computer. With this easy-to-use prototype design tool, any of design concept can be shared with others.
  • WAP Prototype Maker  v.1.0WAP Prototype Maker is a tool to quickly generate a set of WML pages.Through WAP Prototype Makers user interface you may very easy and quickly create a complete hierarchy of pages containing texts, images and links.The purpose of this program is to ...
  • XML Prototype Compiler  v.1.0.betaPrototype Compiler for XML (PCX) is a JAXB alike XML compiler. It takes an XML file in its input, and generates a set of classes, that are able to read XML files of given type. Unlike JAXB, PCX has no meta-language to be used in code generation.
  • Share axure prototype  v.1.0Convert axure ( prototype into sharing project. Let register user to add comment to each pages of the project. Follow comments by rss.
  • Yng's Multi Language Editor -- Prototype  v.1.0Prototype Version for a powerful Multi Language and Multi Platform editor.Maybe provider more flexibility and productivity for your projects.
  • Prototype  v.1.0A simple FPS prototype game Ia ...
  • Unity3d MMORPG Prototype  v.1.0Building a prototype MMORPG that is being built with Unity3D and Smartfox Server Pro.
  • Prototype Games  v.1.0Prototype Games aims to provide a Javascript library for quickly and easily creating web-based games that run entirely in the web page, on all modern browsers without requiring plug-ins. It is built off of the YUI (Yahoo User Interface).
  • PIAF - Prototype Image Applications Fast  v.2010.09.29PIAF (Prototype Image Applications Fast) is a prototyping tool for helping development of image processing algorithms. Based on a Qt GUI, it can display and process several live video inputs or still images with a plugins based architecture.
  • Drug package insert mashup prototype  v.1.0A prototype of a system that uses Semantic Web techology and natural language processing to identify and present drug mechanism information that updates or expands upon statements present in drug package inserts.
  • Medical Alert Prototype  v.131It is a prototype for medical alerts in clinical information systems. It will be used for usability experiments only. No productive use is intended.
  • CGI::Prototype Perl module family  v.1.0CGI::Prototype is a collection of Perl modules providing a flexible prototype-based MVC framework for both CGI- and mod_perl-based applications.
  • Spring Prototype  v.1.0This project provides a complete prototype Java Spring solution that any new Spring developer can use to create a prototype system quickly. The source code provided has Acegi for security, Displaytag for data paging, MySQL as back end database JCaptcha f ...
  • Prototype.Ext  v.1.0Prototype.Ext framework is an extension to the widely used prototype framework. It contains various modules offering support for enhanced webapp development using ajax.
  • MooseX::Attribute::Prototype  v.0.10Borrow and Extend Moose Attrtibutes ...
  • CoSyne Integrated Prototype  v.2.0Multilingual Content Synchronization with Wikis: CoSyne is a Research and Technological Development project co-funded by the European Union. Details: ...
  • E9 prototype/cms software  v.1.0Lightweight, simple CMS software built in-house by Skalfa eCommerce ( and used to quickly create sketches and prototypes of company web-products. Supports extensions, themes, database content.
  • Prototype of an PHP application  v.0.6PrototypePHP is a MVC application written in php, which include : smarty, adodb, objetbdd, phpgacl and esup-phpcas. Login can be manage into a database, ldap directory or a SSO-CAS. Menus are automatically generated. Modules are described in a xml file.
  • Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet Prototype  v.1.11Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet wants to be a fast-paced, teamwork-oriented, non-stop-action multiplayer PC FPS game that allows players to achieve a high degree of mastery.
  • JsHttpRequest  v.5.xJsHttpRequest is a powerful library to create AJAX-based websites in PHP. It could be used as a PHP part for Prototype JS. Great cross-browser compatibility (works even without XMLHttpRequest!), national encodings support, AJAX-style file uploading.
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